What is the Best Garden Furniture to Buy?

What is the Best Garden Furniture to Buy?

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The past year spent indoors has shown us the full potential of our homes. During the past month, our homes have taken the role of cinemas, parks, restaurants, gyms, and yoga studios. And, now that summer is on our doorstep, it is only normal to start planning for a garden redesign to enjoy the hottest days of the year in the sun with friends and family. 

However, when redesigning your garden, the accent goes on the pieces of furniture you will pick - after all, they can truly make or break the atmosphere! 

Here is how to choose garden furniture and some expert advice to keep in mind to make sure you get the right garden furniture and decor.


While today there are plenty of patio furniture options to suit any budget, redesigning a garden’s landscape might represent an investment for any homeowner. However, it is crucial to keep in mind what you should be saving on - and what you need to invest in to have the garden of your dreams. 

Patio furniture belongs to the second category! Low-quality furniture makes it seem like you will be saving at first, but it can quickly become expensive when you find yourself having to replace them every year. 

Conversely, high-quality furniture, like our high quality grey rattan U shaped sofa are tested to withstand all weathers, daily wear and tear, and any season’s climate. Some of the materials to look for in garden furniture include:

  • Aluminium frame garden furniture -  powder-coated aluminium is extremely lightweight and able to withstand any weather conditions. Thanks to the powder finish, the metal frame is powder coated so these pieces won’t lose their colour for years to come. Additionally, aluminium frames are perfect for a modern and versatile design in any garden. 
  • PE Rattan - if you are after a more nature-inspired look, wicker rattan might have been your first choice. All-weather PE rattan is a great alternative to enjoy the natural beauty of wood fibres - with added resistance to the elements and years of wear and tear. What is PE rattan furniture explains everything you need to know about PE rattan. Here’s what to think about if you are considering rattan garden furniture.

The benefits of opting for high-quality garden furniture over high street models span from durability to easier care and even increased comfort - and it is an excellent choice to enjoy the beauty of your garden for years to come!

grey rattan sofa and table with orange flowers



Your area’s weather does impact the kind of furniture you will need to pick. Indeed, in locations such as southern Europe, you will need furniture that can easily withstand high summer temperatures and continuous exposure to UV rays. 

However, if you are located within the UK, you have milder summers on your side. Nonetheless, there are still some climate-related factors to keep in mind that will help you choose a long-lasting garden furniture set:

  • Rain - on average, the UK sees 170 days of rain per year. Therefore, investing in garden furniture that can withstand rain, moisture, and the formation of mould and mildew is crucial. 
  • Strong winds - some locations around the UK, especially coastal and exposed areas, might be subjected to strong winds. In this case, you will need garden furniture that is both lightweight (so you can put it away in high winds) and sturdy, such as many aluminium designs. 
  • Seasalt - if you live by the seaside, you will need to make sure that your furniture can withstand saltwater penetration which can be a problem in coastal areas. 

Naturally, your garden’s position will also influence the kind of furniture you will want to invest in. on a south- or north-facing garden where the sun is at its strongest around midday, you will need UV-resistant materials and fabrics. 

Considering hills and slopes as well as seating area spaces in your garden also makes sense, garden furniture on wheels may not work so well if your outdoor space is undulating. 


Aside from durable furniture frames, you should also look for high-quality fabrics and covers for your outdoor cushions and seats. These are likely to remain outdoors throughout the summer, so you will need to select a fabric that does not lose colour or texture due to exposure to the elements. 

Revolutionary materials such as Sunbrella furniture are the perfect choice for this. This fabric is made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic and tested to be waterproof, mildew, stain, and UV resistant for years. Sunbrella is the ideal choice for cushion covers, seat covers, sun loungers, awnings, and patio umbrellas. 

Check out our range of cushion covers and cushions.


Large rattan outdoor sofa cream cushions - Tosca


Your garden furniture should be there for you when you need a day of relaxation in the sun. The last thing you want is having to spend weekends upkeep it and cleaning it! That is why you should look for materials and fabrics that will require minimal maintenance - no matter the season or weather conditions! 

Aluminium and PE rattan frames, as well as fabrics such as Sunbrella, are perfect for this. Our easy-care furniture is wipe-clean so all you will need to do is wipe down any debris with a cloth and enjoy all-year-round comfort and style.

Here are our expert cleaning tips to help you keep your garden furniture looking its best.  


The best patio furniture is the one that won’t go out of style for years to come. So, when planning your garden redesign, make sure to select materials that are timeless. For example, PE rattan frames are the perfect background for colourful or plain cushions alike. And, they are the perfect addition to a minimalist garden, as well as being an excellent choice for a richer, more exclusive summer patio. 

grey garden furniture cushions


Even if you have found the perfect design, the garden furniture will need to be moved around often to meet your needs. For example, you might wish to invite your friends and family for a BBQ and need to move all the seats around a table - or line them up by the poolside to make the most of a sunny afternoon. 

With the right lightweight garden furniture pieces, you can enjoy any configuration with minimal effort. For this, lightweight aluminium frames are ideal: they are not only able to withstand strong winds, but they can easily be picked up, moved, and stored away. 

sunbrella fabric garden furniture cushions


Make sure you are opting for high-quality cushions and covers you can maintain free of debris, moisture damage, and mildew by wiping them down. 

Our garden furniture range is some of the best furniture you can find for comfort that you can find. 

A garden redesign has the main aim to create a private nook where you can spend the upcoming summer days in total relaxation on the most comfortable garden furniture. The only aspect that might ruin this perfect atmosphere is anything too uncomfortable! 


Designing your garden is not so different from designing your indoor living areas - but you will also need to consider factors such as shade, breeze, and use. Of course, your outdoor space will give you a hint regarding the right furniture size and models. But you should also consider how many people will be outdoors at the same time and how to create a smart traffic flow that allows every one of your guests to move around freely and enjoy the afternoon sun!

Here's what to consider when choosing furniture colours for your outdoor space.