Your Guide to Garden Fire Pits

Being such a social nation, the UK loves having a good BBQ or garden party for many months of the year. To set the summer scene, you have the sumptuous Alexander Francis Milano Corner Sofa set comfortably seating you and a group of friends, several glasses of Prosecco and some great food when the sun is dropping away leaving us with a beautiful pink sunset. However, one thing is missing, the ambient magic of a firepit. 
 outdoor dining at dusk
When it comes to outdoor dining and entertainment, a fire pit can often be the centrepiece of the evening. This begs the question, why would you not have the best on the market, or yet still, not have one at all? 
Just like our furniture, we strive to provide our customers with only the absolute best quality Fire Pits. We are delighted to be one of just a few chosenpartners of EcoSmart Fire, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium Fire Pit technology. EcoSmart Fire pits are used in some of the world’s most prestigious establishments including, but not limited to, Four Seasons, The Ritz Carlton and Hilton Worldwide. 
 eco smart fire
It comes as no surprise that EcoSmart Fires are eco-friendly, but how exactly is this possible? Well, they are powered by clean-burning bioethanol fuel, which means no gas line, electricity or ventilation is needed. That’s right, none.  
That reason alone puts the EcoSmart Fire brand a level above the market, but to take it one step further, there is almost no maintenance needed when using an EcoSmart Fire Pit. Due to the fuel burning cleanly, there is no cleaning required before or after use because, why should you stress over something designed for the best moments in life?  
Despite the great practical features, the main reason that makes these fire pits so desirable for home and garden spaces is the modern and stylish designs. With a broad range of styles and colours, we offer an EcoSmart Fire Pit for every home and garden. These styles range from the Premium Slate Grey Stone-Effect all the way to the Modern Teak, featured across a variety of designs including Dining Fire Pit Tables, Fire Pit Bowls, and the popular Stix Fire Pit.
 stone effect  round fire pit
stone effect rectangular firepit
The entire range is made using lavish but sustainable materials, keeping the ‘eco’ in EcoSmart Fire at the forefront of product innovation. We have partnered with EcoSmart not only because our values and standards complement each other, but because the styles across their range fit perfectly with our collections.  
Alexander Francis Tosca Grey Rattan Garden Sofa Dining Set  
All of us Brits are aware that despite having a handful of hot days in June and July, normally by 9pm, a fire pit is a welcome guest to any outdoor party. Whether it's a smaller, bowl fire pit there to add some light to the occasion, or a fire pit table included to provide an enhanced dining experience, we believe everyone should consider indulging in the world-renowned EcoSmart Fire brand. Take your garden to the next level and bring the hills of Hollywood, the serenity of Lake Como and the class of St Tropez to your home. 
EcoSmart Martini 50 Rectangular Fire Pit Table  
We all know what our dream garden looks like, is it an open-plan, modern design in Bel Air, ideal for entertaining large numbers of people? Is it a more secluded garden with lots of wildflowers that encourage peace and serenity? Whatever yours is, they all have something in common, the garden should be a place to thoroughly appreciate and relax. 
We are aware that this all sounds amazing, right? But you probably have some questions about how it works. 
How well do Bioethanol fire pits work? Bioethanol fire pits work brilliantly because their modern combustion systems are extremely efficient. The reason they are so efficient is because bioethanol is a clean energy source, meaning that no chimneys or flues are required, therefore minimizing the heat loss in the process, thanks to self-contained fires. 
Is Bioethanol more expensive than regular propane? In fact, Bioethanol is only 2/3 of the cost of burning propane.
Is Bioethanol fuel safe? Bioethanol is an incredibly stable fuel when used in an EcoSmart Bioethanol Fire Pit, producing no embers or ash, like a traditional fire pit. As the fire itself is contained, it will not produce unpredictable results that you might find with wood and other burnable materials. 
Where can I buy Bioethanol fuel? The only recommended Bioethanol fuel for your Bioethanol fire pit is e-NRG. This fuel has been designed to produce the least odor, most vibrant flame and longest burn time. Click here.
What is an ethanol fire pit table? EcoSmart’s fire pit tables are available in multiple styles, heights, and finishes to fit your design brief. They are designed to provide you with the dining space of a table combined with the atmosphere of a fire pit. 
In conclusion, we think a great fire pit is essential for a high-quality garden. So, make the most of those magnificent summer evenings with friends and family, and savor the precious moments. 
Enjoy the present, with the garden of the future.