What Colour Rattan Should I Choose?

What Colour Rattan Should I Choose?

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Grey, black, brown…..which colour rattan garden furniture is right for you? There’s a lot of choice on the market at the moment and it can be hard choosing the right colour.

Sometimes it’s just down to your personal preference, everyone has different tastes. Some would prefer the sharp, contemporary look of a solid black rattan like our Sicilia rattan garden furniture range (pictured below) which would really stand out. Others might want a soft brown colour rattan to blend seamlessly with its surroundings in the garden.

Black Rattan

Our black rattan furniture range, called the Sicilia, is a rather striking set of garden furniture. The lines of the furniture itself are very sharp and smooth which is highlighted by the bolster cushions which sit in unison with the frame of the furniture. The cream and the black next to each other sit in stark contrast, the straight lines of the cream cushions accentuating the even straighter line of the rattan.

One of the things to look for when buying rattan garden furniture is that the weave is straight. The Sicilia, like all of our furniture, is flawlessly straight.

Brown Rattan

Our Tuscany and Napoli range features our dark brown rattan. This rattan isn’t a solid brown but instead has a few lighter toned weaves which gives the garden furniture in these ranges more tone and depth to the colour. Much better suited if you want rattan garden furniture to compliment the surroundings of your garden with its nature inspired tones.

Grey Rattan

This grey rattan Calabria sofa set marks our grey rattan debut at Alexander Francis! When you look closely at the weave it’s extremely detailed with different streaks of grey running in the direction of the weave. This gives it a light, textured appearance of natural rattan. With grey rattan garden furniture you can use it to stand out on some decking or to blend in with your patio. Using some brightly coloured cushions will really stand out against the grey and get your visitors attention…and envy!

Light Brown Rattan 

Last of all, our most natural looking rattan is our Milano garden furniture range. With varied tones of light brown rattan weave it has the most natural tones of our entire rattan garden furniture range. Even to the touch it has a slightly rough feel adding to the raw rattan appeal. This light brown weave is perfect for a natural setting in your garden. If you like your garden to have a wild feel about it with slightly untamed shrubs then this is the colour rattan for you.

The floating design of this set adds to the untamed feel of this rattan furniture, and the solid colour of the cushions keeps it contemporary and draws some clear lines into the furniture. This is by far our largest furniture range so plenty of space is needed to pull off this set.

What colour rattan garden furniture did you choose and why? We’d love to hear from you, use the comments section below.

Here are some tips on choosing the right garden furniture for your needs.