Low Maintenance Rattan Garden Furniture – Cleaning Tips

Low Maintenance Rattan Garden Furniture – Cleaning Tips

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Low maintenance rattan garden furniture is perfect for any outdoor space.  Buy quality PE resin rattan, which is the synthetic rattan, then there’s very little maintenance to clean your rattan garden furniture. This makes it ideal for lasting through the UK weather. Wet, windy winters which are (hopefully) followed by warm, sunshine filled summers.

PE resin low maintenance rattan garden furniture made by Alexander Francis doesn’t fade in the sunlight. Also, it won’t be affected by extreme temperatures which can cause real rattan to crumble and lose integrity.

Our rattan is also extremely easy to clean. When you want to get your garden ready for spring and summer use a damp sponge or a soft brush to remove any build up of dirt and leaves. Use warm water mixed with a small amount of washing up liquid to remove any stuck on dirt.

We advise against leaving your cushions out during the winter or damp weather as the foam padding will absorb the wet and can develop mould.

To reduce the amount of dirt that builds up over the winter we advise using a winter cover for some added protection. Winter covers are also useful in the summer to protect your cushions from light showers. It also stops neighbouring cats from settling on your cushions and leaving tufts of fur over your lovely furniture!

Cleaning the Cushions

The cushions are splash proof so any spills can quickly be brushed off. They will need to be brought indoors or stored in a cushions box during wet weather. This will keep them looking crisp, clean and new year after year.

You can machine wash the cushion covers. Unzip the covers to remove the foam padding and put the covers on a delicate wash, no higher than 30 degrees. Use a colour safe detergent with no bleaching agents so they retain their colour.