Modern Garden Furniture

Modern garden furniture, with a twist.

Modern garden furniture is our speciality and our exclusive new outdoor sofa set is our new favourite design. I explained in my earlier blog that our new design would blend industrial-style materials and contemporary construction to create strong lines with an urban feel.

Industrial Chic

Using high-quality materials we have created an aesthetically pleasing sofa set which will suit any modern outdoor living space. The gunmetal grey structure has unique tapered legs which soften the overall look of this modern garden furniture set.

We have used teak to top the tables to give them a rustic look which is a perfect fit for the industrial-chic design. Furthermore, the cast slate Sunbrella fabric base cushions and arms offset the set perfectly.

Premium Collections

When designing our premium collections comfort and function is our primary objection. We have increased the cushion size on this modern garden furniture set to 15 cm for extra pleasure. Pillow style movable back cushions add extra comfort so although the style may look minimalist, I can assure you these Moderno Industrial Sofa Sets are perfect for lounging.

Modern Gardens

You don’t have to start from scratch to create a modern garden. Simplify it by removing overgrown areas and creating features to highlight areas. Scale down your bedding plants by adding predominantly fresh green leafy plants and sculpted trees or Buxus plants.

With more people investing in their outdoor space, good quality modern garden furniture is an important feature to be included. The Veneto Industrial sofa set is exciting and will certainly leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Make your garden interesting by adding modern elements. Metal structures are the new trend, replacing wooden structures that can degrade.  I especially like this design which blends the industrial look perfectly.

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