Contemporary Sun Lounger Design

Contemporary Sun Lounger Design

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Modern Industrial Style

Industrial style has been on trend for interior design for the last few years. but we wanted to extend it to outdoor living. As the contemporary sun lounger design was to be part of our Verona Collection we wanted to blend rattan and metal to give a unique twist on Industrial chic. I love industrial style design so it was important to get the design perfect. Especially when creating a design that is exclusive to our brand.

Our Industrial Design blog story highlights what inspired our ideas.

Contemporary Sun Lounger Design – The Result

After debating drawings and materials we completed our vision and the Verona contemporary sun lounger was created. Made from a strong aluminium, the understated modern frame is powder-coated in a gunmetal grey. Then layered with a hue of charcoal grey half round pe rattan which is all weather. I think the contrast gives the lounger a distinctive look which is sure to impress.

You can see the combination brings the traditional and current trends together to create a beautiful, stylish yet functional piece of furniture. These contemporary sun loungers are a must-have for anyone wanting to soak up the sun in style.


Cushion Comfort

It was evident that we would need to use a grey cushion to complete the look of the contemporary sun lounger design. You can imagine how many shades of grey there are! Finally, we had a winner and chose an Olefin stain-resistant fabric in coal grey which complements the metal and rattan perfectly. Luxurious 10 cm cushion inserts add extra comfort for relaxation. It was especially relevant for us to incorporate comfort into our designs because Alexander Francis specialises in lounge-style garden furniture. We have added side ties to keep the lounger cushion stable.


In addition to comfort and style, it has to be functional. The fully adjustable headrest allows you to alter the back height for perfect positioning. The cushion slips onto the back of the headrest to restrict movement whilst in use. Finally, the addition of wheels to the back of the lounger enables you to move with ease.

Double It Up

Each sun lounger comes with furniture clips to enable you to clip 2 sun loungers together to make a double lounger, giving you extra room to lounge.

You can buy this product from our website or if you have any questions about these loungers or the Verona Collection give us a call.