Up Close and Personal: Our Gardens Part 2

Up Close and Personal: Our Gardens Part 2

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About Our Gardens

Our gardens are important to us. We recently posted about our Accounts Manager, winning herself first place in a local gardening competition. Next up is our Operations Director who has spent the last few months giving his garden a big makeover.

Our Operations Director

Chris Barrell is our Operations Director and master of growing vegetables and herbs which he loves cooking with. He often treats us to breakfasts incorporating some of his lovely fresh salad ingredients home grown from his garden.

Chris’s garden is not conventional. It’s focused at the front of his home and at the back is a very small courtyard. So this summer was spent on landscaping the garden to adapt to his growing family so that the children can enjoy playing outdoors too.

BEFORE: Chris’ Garden Pre-Makeover

His main focus was to open up the garden so it felt more spacious while still having lots of plants and foliage to infuse some colour. Not forgetting his herb garden which is a must have for Chris and his Wife Lucy. The apple tree stayed which provides copious amounts of fruit each year for lovely pies and crumbles.

AFTER: There’s still some work to do, but it’s coming along nicely

While still tweaking the finishing touches the difference is huge. When asked what his favourite part of the garden was he replied “my shed”. Working for a garden furniture company has its advantages but they are holding off on the furniture purchase because the next big splurge will be on the Verona grey rattan sofa dining set. This set is ideal because of the limited space available and the “need” of an outdoor dining set versus the “want” of a comfy corner sofa set. We can’t wait to see it when its complete.