Alexander Francis Garden Furniture Does Bake Off

Alexander Francis Garden Furniture Does Bake Off

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After a busy season selling our lovely rattan garden furniture the Alexander Francis team go straight into preparations for 2017. However, we aren’t just about garden furniture. Company culture is important to us too and you will often find us having lunchtime BBQs or cooking brunch.

So in true spirit our Alexander Francis Garden Furniture Team have joined the Great British Bake Off fun by having a 4 stage in house baking competition running over several weeks.  Everyone from warehouse to the Managing Directors rolled their sleeves up and created their own little masterpiece based on the random ingredients picked out of a hat.

The ingredients varied from chilli & chocolate to cinnamon and citrus, and to make it more challenging we also threw in some techniques too including layers, frosting and pastry. The tasting was anonymous and we voted out of 10 for taste, technique and presentation.

Here are some of our favourite entries from our very talented bakers –

Fruity Cupcake showdown –

Death by chocolate layers –

Cinnamon tear and share –  

The Final 4 –

It was a tough Final 4 (Danny/ Marketing, Chris B /MD and James & Karen / Operations Managers) with equally tasty elements but one entry came out on top.

The winner was………a salted caramel baked cheesecake made by Karen. With a biscuit base, creamy vanilla filling and a salted caramel topping this entry went down a treat –

It wasn’t a happy ending for all our bakers though…….