Small Rattan Sofa Sets – Furniture for Smaller Gardens

Small Rattan Sofa Sets – Furniture for Smaller Gardens

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Having a small garden doesn’t have to limit the type of garden furniture that you can have.Some rattan sofa sets can be quite large, like our Tuscany sofa set for example, and needs a lot of space. But there is plenty of small rattan sofa sets which are still beautiful and contemporary, making your little garden a luxurious haven.

The photo above is of our brown Tuscany rattan bistro set which is just the right size for this cosy decking area which overlooks a river. This customer has two comfortable arm chairs with a tempered glass table and a foot stool. Having these small and easy to maneuver pieces helps make the most of the space by being able to adjust the furniture how you need it. So if you need more space you can shift the table and foot stool to one side and later move it back when you want to kick back with your feet up and a cocktail within easy reach.

If you’re looking for some rattan garden furniture which is a bit more laid back then we have brand new small rattan sofa sets which are compact but still brings a touch of luxury to your garden space. It’s a brand new range called Calabria which is a grey rattan inspired by the rocky coastline of Calabria in Italy.

When you look closely at the rattan it has a subtle textured appearance which despite being made from durable and long lasting PE resin, it was the look of real rattan weave. The cushions, like all of our furniture, are thick and comfortable with the ‘L’ shape of the furniture providing the perfect place to lie back and soak up the sun.

The foot stool easily slots in the corner of the ‘L’ shape of the sofa so when you’re not using it you can save space on your patio or decking area.

The Calabria is the first grey rattan piece of garden furniture we sell and we’re sure that this striking piece will be popular with customers who really want to make a statement in their garden. Throw on some brightly coloured scatter cushions to really show off this gorgeous piece.

The best part about this sofa set is the price, £595* for a complete sofa set. All you need is some scatter cushions in colours that compliment your garden and you’ve got the perfect, compact rattan sofa set.

*price correct at the time of writing this blog post. Please check prices on our website.