Rattan Furniture for Patios and Decking Areas

Rattan Furniture for Patios and Decking Areas

Choosing the right rattan furniture for your patio or decking area depends on a few factors to make sure you get the perfect piece for your space.


Whether it’s a patio or decking you want to consider what colour it is and whether you want your rattan furniture to blend seamlessly with that or stand out in contrast. For example, brown stained decking will blend with our brown rattan Tuscany sets to create a complete look and feel of it all being one. Whereas the black rattan Sicilia would really contrast against a grey stone patio turning it into a real wow factor.


Considering the different textures is really down to your own preference, as there’s no right or wrong when it comes to designing your patio or decking area. Think about how the Tuscany rattan weave it multi-tonal giving a textured appearance whereas the Sicilia is solid black and quite striking as a result and the Milano is a very natural looking light brown with a raw rattan appeal.


Our furniture sets vary in size with the Milano being the among the largest which needs a considerable amount of space to ensure it doesn’t outweigh the space. Our Sicilia and Tuscany sofa sets come in different seat sizes giving you more flexibility if a sofa set is what you’re looking for.

Bistro sets make perfect sitting areas for two people with the same comfort all of our furniture offers but saving space with just two large chairs. If you want to entertain friends but don’t have the space then a bar set may provide the perfect social setting to have everyone gathered round while you show off your bar tending skills! Better polish up on your margaritas.


I mention budget last because in some respects it shouldn’t be the main thing influencing your decision as “you get what you buy” is really key to buying rattan furniture. The internet and high street stores are filled with cheaply made rattan which is flat packed to make it easy to transport. This often leaves the customer with rattan furniture which isn’t going to last more than a summer or two and won’t survive with messy kids or pets. If you want to invest in furniture which is going to be a part of your home for years to come and still look as good in 5 years as it did the day you bought it, then be prepared to stretch the budget just a little.

Reasons to choose PE resin rattan furniture for your garden:

  • the weave is UV resistant so won’t fade in the sunlight
  • the weave is hard wearing against scratches, but should some clumsiness leave a scratch, it can usually be fixed using the heat from a hairdryer*
  • PE resin rattan is waterproof even against some of the wettest weather Great Britain has to throw at it
  • real rattan organic weave easily develops mould and disintegrated over the years. PE resin rattan is long lasting – it’s why we offer a 5 year guarantee

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*seek advice from one of the Alexander Francis team before doing this so we can guide you.