The Evenings Are Getting Dark….Lighting For Your Garden

The Evenings Are Getting Dark….Lighting For Your Garden

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The evenings are drawing in and getting darker and the clocks go back this Sunday. Just because your garden is dark by the time you get home, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

We’ve been spending time looking at garden lighting ideas on Pinterest and had lots of fun pinning them for inspiration! Click on the images in this post to get some of your own inspiration and pin a few of your favourites. If you haven’t got a Pinterest account yet, then why not?

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for remember things you love and saving them for later. Create a board for Garden Lighting and then you’re two clicks away from adding some inspiring pins from all over the internet.

Some of our favourite ways to light your garden during the winter include colourful fairy lights in the snow, glow sticks and glitter in jars and rope lighting framing the edge of the lawn. There’s plenty of simple and affordable ways to add a warm glow to your garden even on the coldest, darkest of evenings.

Have you got any empty glass jars lying around? Give them a good clean and place a tea light or a plain candle inside – these are great for table lighting to add a vintage look to your evening.

Another way to use glass jars is to empty out a glow stick into them and add a touch of glitter. Roll the jar around to make sure the glowing liquid coats the edges of the jar. This is great fun if you have kids (or even if you don’t!). These only make temporary lighting but are very pretty to look at.

Do you like wine? (We do!) Place a thin candle stick in an empty wine bottle and use for a decorative centre piece on a table. The more the candle melts and runs down the bottle, the better it looks!

Rope lighting is an attractive and affordable way of highlighting your favourite parts of your garden. Accentuate the smooth curves of the edge of your lawn or the sharp corners of your decking by trimming with rope lighting. Rope lighting comes in various colours and sizes to suit the look you want. Choose a natural bulb to add warmth to your garden, or go for blue and green tones for a cool, contemporary garden design.

Do you use lighting in your garden? We’d love to see what you’ve done. Email them to, post them to our Facebook page or leave a comment.