Modern Garden Furniture Daybed

Read more about why our Alexander Francis modern garden daybed has been popular for many years. We’ve put together a review of this piece of furniture based on feedback from customers and our own experiences.

The Rattan

Firstly, the rattan is made from PE resin, a type of plastic which prevents it from becoming damaged by being outside in the elements. Real rattan can easily rot in damp weather, fade in the sun and crack and splinter easily. Hand-woven tightly so the rattan maintains its shape and won’t stretch leaving unsightly gaps in the weave.

Furthermore, it’s really easy to clean using a brush to sweep off any leaves or debris that may collect over the winter months. You can easily use a damp cloth or hose to clean further if needed.

The Cushions

Thick 10cm seat cushions and pillow style back and side cushions make this brown rattan daybed super comfortable.

For your convenience, we have designed the cushion covers to be removable so they can be washed. We recommended a low-temperature wool wash using a colour safe detergent for best results.

The cushions are splash proof,  which means any spills can be swiftly removed by hitting the back of the cushion and the droplets should come off. However, the cushions cannot be left outside in the rain as it will soak into the material and could cause the covers to develop mould or damage the structural integrity of the foam inserts.

For Relaxing

With plenty of space to lounge, this daybed is much larger than it appears in our studio photos. We recommend measuring the space you have in your garden to make sure this daybed will fit. It measures 2.8m wide and 1.65m deep.

For Entertaining

Our favourite thing about this modular daybed is that you can easier arrange the pieces to suit your plans. One of the footstools can be turned into a coffee table by swapping the cushion for the glass top. Handy for drinks and nibbles.

You can also be arranged to provide a larger seating area by placing the two footstools against the edge of the daybed sofas. This makes the whole daybed into a U shape (as pictured below) which means you could fit on 5 or 6 people comfortably.