Black Rattan Garden Sofa Set – Tuscany Gets a Makeover

Black Rattan Garden Sofa Set – Tuscany Gets a Makeover

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Our Tuscany brown rattan collection was the very first sofa set designed at Alexander Francis. Since then we’ve expanded our range of furniture to include the smoky black Siena range, the natural looking large Milano sets and the charcoal grey Calabria.

Tuscany Black Rattan Garden Sofa Set in Black


We’ve given the Tuscany collection a makeover by incorporating smouldering black rattan with the classic, popular design of the Tuscany range. The collection was a huge success so we extended it to include a daybed, corner sofa set and a large 8 seat sofa set.

It’s Comfortable

Our large Tuscany black rattan garden sofa set seats 8 people comfortably. Boasting wide seats and 10cm thick cushions for the seats and soft pillow style back cushions. In addition the arms of the sofa and the extra arm chair are quite wide for resting your arms comfortably.

It’s Beautiful

Our Tuscany collection incorporates simplicity and beauty making for a stunning focal point in your garden. Its size alone is impressive and needs to be seen to be believed. You really do get a lot of outdoor furniture for your money. The smooth, sharp lines of the design paired with the smoky black of the Sicilia rattan makes a striking combination.

It’s Hard Wearing

All of our rattan is hand woven in PE resin rattan, a synthetic material that looks like real rattan without all the complications such as fading in sunlight or rotting in damp weather. Our rattan is UV resistant and waterproof, so you can leave it outside all year round. Furthermore it will still look as good as the day you bought it when summer comes around.

The cushions do need to be brought outside during wet weather as they are not waterproof. They’re splashproof which means any spills can quickly be knocked away by patting the underside of the cushion. The cushions are UV resistant so they won’t be affected by harsh sunlight.

If you’d like more information about this beautiful sofa set, or any other furniture at Alexander Francis, then visit or give us a call on 0117 325 5247. If you want this sofa set in your garden then don’t hesitate to get in touch before they’re all gone.