Large Light Brown Rattan Sofa Set – My Review of the Milano

Large Light Brown Rattan Sofa Set – My Review of the Milano

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We’re still clinging on to the last few weeks of summer with promising weather reports for warm weather through September. I’m desperately making the most of my garden, especially since I added two Milano arm chairs to my patio. I wanted to share my honest review of our Milano sofa range with you.

I’ve had a couple of BBQs this summer and plenty of evenings sat outside eating dinner and sharing a bottle of wine. This is what I think so far…

BBQ Style

Let’s face it, when we buy garden furniture there’s the ‘wow factor’ to consider both when you look at it and when your friends and family look it. You want to beam with pride as your friends jaws drop as they step out into your garden.

My friends all settled down on the large light brown rattan sofa set arm chairs and gave approving looks. We managed to get four of us perched on one arm chair, though for more comfort and space it’s better for two people. If you want to stretch out then it’s ideal for one person to use it like a sun lounger.

The trim around the edge of the arm chair is perfect for resting drinks and nibbles. The BBQ was a success! This is my first house and garden so I’ve been waiting a long time to have some garden furniture to show off.

Daily Comfort

On a day to day basis these rattan arm chairs are extremely comfortable. They’re long so I can sit upright with my legs stretched out without my feet dangling over the edge. The back cushions provide plenty of support and comfort. The shape retaining 20cm deep seat cushions make the set feel luxurious.

The rattan is tightly woven so none of the weave slips out of place. It’s easy to brush off any leaves or dirt that build up and it’s UV resistance is really proving itself. The cushions are big and a bit bulky for carrying to and from the shed. I would recommend a cushion box for quick packing and unpacking and to keep them dry.

I fell in love with the Milano large light brown rattan sofa set when I first saw it in our Managing Director’s garden (see image below). Unfortunately my patio isn’t large enough for this huge set. Although the two arm chairs are a wonderful addition to my garden with a sample of what the entire set has to offer.

I would recommend these chairs or the entire sofa set if you want a comfortable space in your garden to stretch out and lounge about. There’s plenty of support for sitting upright and plenty of comfort to lean back and chill out.

For more photos of our Milano sofa set in customer’s gardens our Instagram account.