1001 Things To Do With Your Pallet

Recycled pallets are all over Pinterest and other DIY home projects websites. They can be turned into so many things and add a real vintage touch to a home or garden. Our furniture is delivered on pallets so we wanted to offer our customers some delightful ways to use these pallets.

I came across a great website called 1001 Pallets who really do have 1000s of ways you can recycle pallets. From shabby-chic coffee tables to ultra modern shelves that don’t give away their humble beginnings.

Here’s my Top 5 favourite ways to recycle pallets.

Ultra Modern Unit

You wouldn’t look at this modern shelf unit and think it was made from a pallet. To be fair to the person who made this they’ve done it extremely well, with any edges or nails well hidden. The wash of white still reveals the character of the wood beneath but gives it an even texture and a contemporary look.

Chicken Coop

I’ve heard lots of stories from friends who own chickens, including one who liked to lay eggs in the microwave. I now love the idea of owning chickens which is probably why this chicken coop made from recycled pallets appealed to me so much. Those chickens certainly seem happy tucked away in there.

Pet Food Bowls

Looking at the droopy faces of those bull mastiffs it’s difficult to tell if they’re enjoying their fancy pallet made food bowls. It’s certainly a clever way of using a few pieces of pallet wood which would work well outdoors or indoors. The lettering, presumably the dogs names, is a nice extra touch.

Outdoor Bar

Ideal for throwing a party in your back garden. Using a pallet and paving stones to make an outdoor bar simply to rest drinks and snacks on or to show off your cocktail making skills! Looks great painted white or any other bright colour to make it really stand out.

Vegetable Patches

Great to get kids interested in fruit and vegetables. Use the pallets to make planters to keep your vegetable patch neat and tidy and add a splash of colour. For this example it looks like they’re colour coded for the vegetables in each pallet.

If you’ve done some fancy work with a pallet, a saw and some nails then get in touch, we’d love to see your handiwork. Email marketing@alexander-francis.co.uk.