Colour Of The Year 2018

Colour Of The Year 2018

Ultra Violet

The Colour of the Year from Pantone is the most anticipated palette colour for interior designers and I think this is also a great colour for experimenting in outdoor design.

Floral Influence

You can get a huge variety of floral plants with different hues of purple. Don’t overdo it though, you want to create a splash of colour rather than a sea of purple. My favourite is the Allium, especially the gladiator. The long green stalk is topped with a ball of pretty flowers make a statement all on their own. How beautiful do they look here.

Purple Tinge

Predominately green-leaved plants with purple tinges are a great way to introduce the colour of the year subtly. One of my favourite plants to put into pots are lavender topiary’s. The sage green leaves and lavender buds are simple but effective.

Make A Bold Statement

If you prefer to make a bigger impact then you can paint a feature piece in a bright purple such as your garden shed. If you are going to do this then use neutral colours to blend. Alternatively, planters are a great way to add colour to your outdoor space. These large planters would be a great focal point.


If you don’t want to change the way your garden looks then look at accessories that aren’t permanent. Outdoor beanbags or scatter cushions can be a great way to infuse colour.