Grey Rattan Sofa Set for Outdoor Spaces – Review of Calabria

Grey Rattan Sofa Set for Outdoor Spaces – Review of Calabria

First of all we’re very excited to about our Calabria grey rattan sofa set collection. Here’s some more detail about this popular sofa set.

First introduced in 2014, the Calabria grey rattan sofa set was the first of its kind featuring grey rattan with dark grey cushions.

Big Things in Small Packages

While most of our sets are large this sofa set is designed for smaller spaces. This doesn’t mean that it’s lacking for room to stretch out and enjoy your garden! The back piece is nearly 1.3m in length and the lounger sofa is 1.5m deep giving one person plenty of room to stretch out their legs and soak up the sunshine.

Furthermore, the footstool comes with a piece of glass or a cushion, adding an extra seating. If you’re looking for something a little larger then you’ll be pleased to know that the 4 piece version is also available. 

Textured Effect

The rattan is PE resin that’s been hand woven over a powder coated aluminum frame. It features a multi-tone of greys that gives this a realistic textured rattan look without the weaknesses of real rattan. The photo on our website doesn’t quite do the colour of the rattan justice.

This is our first set to come with grey cushions as standard. The textured look complements the charcoal grey cushions perfectly. In addition to this it’s also practical as any dirt is less likely to show up.


The cushions are 10cm thick providing plenty of comfort and support, while the pillow style back cushions are designed for you to lean in and get comfortable. Furthermore, having the side cushions has been described as a real added bonus. Although they take up a small amount of seating space, they do provide extra support for your arms and sides which far outweighs any negative.

Finally, this sofa set is available to buy on our website or over the telephone on 0117 325 5247.