What Makes Teak Wood Furniture Special?

What Makes Teak Wood Furniture Special?

If you've browsed for outdoor garden furniture before, you've probably comes across Teak wood at some point, quickly followed by the price tag. Here's why it charges a high end price...

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What Makes Teak Wood So Sought After?

If you’ve ever shopped around for garden furniture, you’ve probably come across Teak Wood at some point. To the normal eye one could be forgiven for thinking nothing of its inclusion, perhaps there’s just a large supply available to craftsman, maybe it’s cheap? The case however is neither of these could be further from the truth.

Where Are Teak Trees Found?

Teak originated from a small number of countries in the world (Burma, Laos, India & Thailand). Unfortunately, in the present day of these places, only Burma has retained any sort of meaningful supply. Fortunately, they’re not completely alone, with Teak being grown in plantations across the world, largely in Southeast Asia, though for enthusiasts they are not considered to be genuine Teak wood. Teak Trees take at least 35 years before they’ve fully matured and can be harvested, however for those looking to ensure the best quality they may wait until the tree is even a decade older before converting it into teak wood furniture.

How Else Is Teak Wood Acquired?

Teak wood first became widely popularised for its use in crafting ships and later yachts in the modern era. Britain’s use of teak wood to make ships played a key role in them becoming a dominant nation in the 18th century. Fast forward to today and you’ll most likely see pieces of teak wood furniture is just recycling decks from these boats that have long been decommissioned.

Why Is Teak Wood Furniture Great For The Outside?

The main reason we are so high on using Teak wood, is the durability. Packed with many natural oils its able to withstand large amount of water without absorption, convenient for UK residents during the wet periods of the year. These same oils also help repel pests such as insects, keeping your teak table safe from any garden nuisances. As you can see, teak wood furniture is self-sustaining & very low maintenance, all whilst looking visually stunning at the same time.

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How Long Can You Expect Teak Wood Furniture To Last?

Teak wood furniture kept outside has an expected lifespan of 50+ years, although with good maintenance it’s not uncommon for someone’s teak table to last for even 70 years, making it a smart investment for those looking for buy garden furniture for the long term.

How You Can Help Maintain Your Teak Wood Furniture

As we’ve said teak wood is very low maintenance, however if you insist on having your teak table always looking brand new, simply apply some teak oil to rejuvenate the wood to keep it looking fresh and modern.

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Where Can I Buy Teak Wood Furniture For My Garden?

Our Moderno sets are great for those who wish to give their garden an elegant upgrade for years to come. Available in a range of different layouts, all our Moderno sofa sets are a blend of luxurious weatherproof materials sunbrella fabric & teak wood, visually providing a sleek combination of slate greys and rustic wood. All the sets also feature an individual teak table, bringing everyone in close and acting as the central hub of your set. Our teak table can also be purchased on its own, allowing you to slide a piece of ‘The King of Timbers’ into your pre-existing garden furniture set.

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