The Benefits of PE Rattan Garden Furniture: Why It's the Perfect Choice

The Benefits of PE Rattan Garden Furniture: Why It's the Perfect Choice

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If you are looking for the perfect garden furniture for your outdoor space, then rattan furniture might be just what you need. Rattan furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Compared to other materials, PE rattan offers additional strength, durability and requires no maintenance versus traditional wicker rattan, making it one of the best materials available for outdoor furniture.

So, what exactly is the difference between PE rattan and wicker? Polyethylene (PE) resin rattan, also known as synthetic resin, resin wicker, or polyrattan, is a manmade material, rather than a natural wicker rattan. This is a key benefit for garden furniture because the material does not degrade as quickly as natural wicker. PE rattan mimics wicker by offering the same flexibility and comfort but with much better durability, ensuring that it can withstand all that the British climate throws at it and will help your garden furniture look as good as new year after year.

On the other hand, natural wicker requires more maintenance and care as it is prone to damage from the elements, which drastically reduces its lifespan when used outdoors. Wicker is also likely to rot if it is not kept dry and looked after, which means you will need to replace your garden furniture much sooner with wicker than if it is made with PE rattan.

When choosing rattan garden furniture, it's essential to look out for low-quality sets. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Is the rattan a solid color all the way through? Cheap rattan sets often have a different color underneath the surface layer, which can be unattractive. Good quality rattan is a solid color throughout the weave and can be repaired by simply applying heat from a hairdryer.
  • What length of furniture guarantee do I receive? Sets with only a one year guarantee shouldn't give you much confidence as a buyer. It's essential to buy from a reputable brand that offers a longer guarantee to ensure you're getting high-quality products that will last.
  • What material are the feet of the set? Ideally, the feet of your garden furniture should be stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion. Some cheaper sets will have rubber stoppers, but be careful not to drag your garden furniture across the patio and risk damage.
  • What does “KD” mean? Good quality sets will be delivered fully assembled, whereas lower quality sets will require assembly, which can impact the overall durability and aesthetic of the furniture.

Choosing the best quality rattan garden furniture requires attention to detail. Look for fully assembled frames, which are stronger and more durable than self-assembly frames that rely on screws. Cushions should be thick and comfortable, with cushion covers that feature zips for easy cleaning. The weaving should be straight and not weaved diagonally for an overall aesthetic appeal.

At Alexander Francis, we offer a wide range of high-quality PE rattan garden furniture that is built to last. With a 5-year guarantee, our products have been tested for durability and aesthetic appeal. Our Verona Grey Rattan Sofa Set, Milano Natural Brown Rattan Corner Sofa, Tosca Grey Rattan Garden Furniture Collection, and Verona Grey Rattan Garden Furniture Collection are just a few of our popular sets that offer comfort, durability, and style.

In conclusion, PE rattan is a fantastic material for garden furniture. It offers all the benefits of natural wicker but with better durability and requires less maintenance. When shopping for rattan garden furniture, it's important to choose high-quality sets that are built to last. With Alexander Francis, you can be sure to find the perfect set for your outdoor space.