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How to use Pantone Colour of the Year in your Garden - Classic Blue

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Every year we like to use the Pantone colour of the year to challenge ourselves in redesigning our gardens. It can force you to try and incorporate colours you never normally would with exciting results.

This year's colour is Classic Blue, and we've come up with a list of ways that you could incorporate it into your garden.


The easy way to bring colour into your garden is, of course, using plants. The colour blue is uncommon in the natural plant kingdom, which makes this colour even more special on the rare occasions it appears. This means splashes of blue in your garden plants really adds some unique interest. Gentians, and certain shades of pansies are the perfect 'Classic Blue' shade. Dot these around your flower beds, or create a feature pot to bring an interesting pop of colour.


Refresh the scatter cushions on your furniture set by adding in a colour you wouldn't normally use. Classic Blue would look beautiful with our Verona, Moderno, and Minimo sets. The above scatter cushion from McAlister Textiles is the perfect shade.

Get Creative

Lastly, get creative. Some of us have a bit more time on our hands at the moment so why not make something. Grab a pot of paint and upcycle an old bookcase to pop little potted plants on. Paint some plant pots blue to add some colour to your patio. Think outside the box and show us what you come up with!


Do you challenge yourself with the Pantone colours? What do you think of Classic Blue?