Can Fabric Furniture Be Left Outside?

Can Fabric Furniture Be Left Outside?

Worried your garden furniture won't survive the elements? Let us explain what fabrics you should be looking out for to give your outdoor sofa set the best possible protection.

In short. Yes, but also possibly not. Let’s explain. When it comes to fabric in outdoor garden furniture, it’s like wearing different kinds of jackets in rain showers, some will leave you droplet free underneath, others will have you completely soaked through. Weatherproof garden furniture is no different, it must be specific when it comes to which fabrics it’s made of.

Tosca Outdoor Sofa Set

What Happens If The Wrong Fabrics Are Used?

They’ll simply be unable to withstand the showers & direct sunlight and will visually deteriorate, ruining the aesthetic of your garden. Before long you’ll find your sleek slate grey garden sofa is infested with both mould & mildew, both fungi who thrive on moist surfaces. This can pose health hazards if left untreated, as if the horrible odour and look wasn’t already bad enough.

What Fabrics Do We Use For Our Outdoor Furniture?

Alexander Francis exclusively use Sunbrella & Olefin fabrics in our garden furniture. We believe in going the extra mile with our materials, to guarantee when you purchase a set from us it’s built to last. We’ll go through each of these fabrics below and what specifically sets them apart from other fabrics.

Sunbrella Fabric

When it comes to weatherproof garden furniture, sunbrella is the gold standard. To provide some insight if you haven’t heard of it previously, sunbrella fabric was popularised by its use in sailboats & luxurious yachts. Getting into the qualities this fabric possesses. Firstly, its UV and fade resistant, meaning that even with constant exposure to sunlight, sunbrella will still hold its vibrant colour. We mentioned previously that fabrics can be susceptible to mould and mildew festering, sunbrella however resists both fungi. One key thing to remember however is that despite being resistant, tough stains such as these can appear if the furniture is neglected. Remedying the situation is an easy fix, sunbrella fabric is bleach cleanable, without losing colour in the process.

Olefin Fabric

Olefin is practically the cousin of the sunbrella fabric, that’s how similar they are. Like weatherproof sunbrella, its UV and fade resistant, perfect for the summer heatwaves. Olefin can also be cleaned with bleach, for maintaining purposes. However, whilst Olefin is stain resistant, it’s not quite on sunbrella’s level on that front, hence we recommend taking any olefin cushions from our sets inside during the winter months. With olefin not being completely weatherproof, you’ll often find it cheaper than sets using sunbrella, partly also because the olefin fabric creation process is widely available.

Which Of Our Sets Use Which Fabric?

We currently have two sets (Moderno & Minimo) made with weatherproof sunbrella & three sets (Verona, Milano & Tosca) using olefin fabric. The sunbrella weatherproof garden furniture sets are the perfect opportunity to enjoy tranquil evenings all year round. Moderno & Minimo both offer sleek and contemporary looks to your garden, in a range of different layouts to fit your vision.

Minimo Outdoor Garden Sofa

Our Verona, Milano & Tosca sets incorporate a combination of olefin fabric cushions on top of a rattan crafted structure. With olefin not being completely weatherproof, the cushions will have to be brought inside during the gloomy wetter months, however the rattan is completely fine for being left out in any weather. These rattan sets are real statement pieces that love being the centre of attention in any garden, ideal for alfresco dining or hosting summer get-to-togethers for friends and family.

Milano Outdoor Sofa Set

Hopefully we’ve provided some insight into the selection process of picking the right fabrics when it comes to weatherproof garden furniture. If you’re shopping around for an outdoor sofa set be sure to check and see if Sunbrella or Olefin are mentioned anywhere, else you risk having to constantly replace it over time.

Why not have a browse of some our collections now that you understand the craftmanship behind them?