Winter Care Guide

Winter Care Guide

Before the winter months sneak up on us. We wanted to lay out some clear and essential tips to keeping your garden furniture in pristine condition during its most testing seasonal period. 

How Are Rattan & Metal Furniture Different?

Rattan furniture is crafted from woven natural materials such as cane or bamboo, as well as synthetic rattan. During the winter months potential issues include, weakening, sagging and potential mould growth. Not exclusive to winter (however more than likely), cold and moisture impact can damage the natural fibres. This makes your rattan furniture more likely to have problems.

In regards to metal furniture, some of sets feature powder-coated aluminium frames. Like many metals, rust and corrosion are its greatest enemies. This process can be accelerated with neglect during times of downpour in the winter months. 

When Should You Prepare Your Garden Furniture For Winter?

With the hot British weather getting later and later every year. You might find its late September/early October before the window opens to start preparations. You should look to complete a bit of maintenance before you store or cover your furniture before the cold, wet months run riot. 

How To Clean Your Garden Furniture 

While our aluminium furniture boasts resilience, prolonged exposure to wet and cold conditions can foster rust. Employing the following steps can extend its longevity: 

  • Thoroughly clean metal surfaces to eliminate any existing rust or debris. 

  • Reapply paint or oil as necessary, particularly before and after the winter season. 

Rattan furniture demands delicate handling to forestall weakening and mould growth: 

  • Dust and debris removal using a soft brush, cloth, or vacuum cleaner. 

  • Wipe down with a water and mild detergent solution, avoiding oversaturation. 

Implementing these pre-winter measures can prolong the lifespan of your furniture

In terms of looking after your outdoor cushions:

  • Remove cushions (where applicable) and gently shake to dislodge loose dirt and debris. 

  • Use a soft brush or cloth to eliminate surface dust and grime. 

  • Utilize a mixture of warm water and mild detergent to scrub cushions thoroughly. 

  • Rinse with clean water to remove soap residue. 

  • Allow cushions to air dry completely before returning them to the furniture set. 

Should You Cover Your Garden Furniture? 

Covering your furniture during winter confers numerous benefits, safeguarding it against rain, snow, and harsh UV rays. Additionally, it reduces the need for frequent cleaning by preventing dust and debris accumulation. 

Our durable winter covers are meticulously designed to shield against the elements, to ensure the protection of your furniture. Resistant to UV rays and tearing, these covers guarantee longevity and easy maintenance. 

What If I Don't Have Covers?

We would recommend at least bringing the cushions inside during winter to protect it from harm. Then once winter is over, be sure to clean the set during Spring so leading into Summer you can return the cushions to the set and start to relax for another few months.