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Choosing The Right Rattan Furniture For Your Garden

Choosing the right Rattan Garden Furniture can be difficult, there is so much out there and the difference in price and quality varies massively!

That's why we, at Alexander Francis, have done the hard work for you and written this blog all about rattan garden furniture that will help you make the right choice.

What different Rattan styles are there?

There are many different types of materials rattan can be made from, some of the most common are PE (Polyethylene) Resin Rattan, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) rattan, and PU (Polyurethane) synthetic rattan. PVC and PU synthetic rattan are much less durable than PE Resin and often only come with a 1-year guarantee. These synthetic rattans are also not coloured all the way through and a small scuff or scratch can reveal unsightly plastic-looking base colours, like orange or blue. 

We think of PVC rattan, and PU synthetic rattans like they are apples, if you take a bite out of them the beautiful natural skin on the outside will come off revealing the plain colour inside. However, PE resin rattan is coloured all the way through, like a carrot, take a bite out of it and the vibrant colour stays true. While we do not recommend taking a bite out of your new luxury rattan sofa, there is no stopping our furry friends from giving it a go from time to time. PE Rattan is also a recyclable material.

 Luxury Natural Rattan Garden Furniture Brown Cream Cushions

PE Rattan is also much more durable and weather resistant. PVC and PU can melt and sag in hot weather as well as become brittle and break in cold conditions, this means it can’t be left outdoors all year round. We are so confident in our PE rattan sets that we give a 5-year guarantee on our rattan frames, although it lasts much longer than this. In fact, we have customers that still have our rattan dining sets, from over 10 years ago, in their gardens!  

What about natural rattan I hear you ask, well while natural rattan does give a really homely rustic look, it's not particularly practical for outdoor use. It cannot be exposed to direct sunlight for long before it starts to fade, and will also be ruined if left in the rain for too long. So you might find yourself carrying it outdoors and then back in again every time you use it. Which we think is no way to live. If you want to find the perfect spot in your garden for your rattan, place it there and have it waiting for you when you are ready to relax, synthetic rattan is definitely the right choice for you.    

Luxury Natural Rattan Grey Garden Sofa 

There are 3 main types of synthetic rattan on the market. Flat weave, half round and rod/full round. At Alexander Francis, we offer rattan collections including all 3 types!

Still not decided on the style you want take a look at our different rattan collection below: maybe change this to photos or the different types of rattan below? 

- Rounded weave Tosca

- Half rounded Verona

- Flat weave Milano

Okay, so, hopefully, now you understand a little more about the variety on the market and are starting to hone in on what it is you should be searching for when staring at the blank canvas that is your google search bar. If you want your outdoor garden furniture to last the test of time, as well as outshine your neighbour's set. You might also be interested in learning more about what manufacturing differences to take into consideration before buying. The below blogs will help you do just that. 

We hope this helped you make the right choice for your garden furniture and answered any questions about what rattan furniture is out there on the market. If you did have any more questions about any of our collections you can contact a member of the team on the below. We would love to hear from you!

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