Prepare Your Garden For Summer In Spring

Prepare Your Garden For Summer In Spring

It can be all too easy to sit and let Spring pass us by in anticipation of Summer, however this is the perfect time to set up your outdoor oasis so when those hot days arrive you're all set. Here are some things to check off...

Outdoor Garden Furniture

Setting time aside for your garden can often be put on the backburner in the busy spring months. The simple motivation to cut the grass can be instantly sapped away at the first spot of rain. All this leads to however, is hot summer days wasted away fixing up your garden when you should really be lounging away on your outdoor sofa set. Here are some top tips for getting your outdoor space primed for the season.

Laying The Foundation

The backbone of any garden is the lawn. Grass in English gardens can get out of control rapidly, so you want to smooth everything out early. Before dragging the lawnmower out the garage it’s best to deal with the weeds individually, ripping them out by the stems to discourage them from returning. Once you’ve accomplished this, be sure when mowing the lawn to leave a good 1cm of grass to keep it visually healthy.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

It may have been quite some time since you gave the mainstays of your garden some touching up. We all love a good BBQ in the summer, assuming you’ve stored yours away during the winter now may be a good time give it a good dusting down so it’s all ready for the family feast. In that same vein, your garden furniture will have just got through a harsh winter, so in our case giving your sunbrella or olefin fabrics a bleach cleaning will have your outdoor set looking pristine. Moving out to the perimeter, your fence may be looking worse for wear since last year, why not give it a fresh coat to give it a revitalised look.

Make Any Additions

Perhaps you’ve already go to work on everything we’ve mentioned so far, but still want to switch-up the garden furniture in your garden to alter the vibe, maybe even just add some extra seating for a growing social circle. We’ve got plenty of options for whatever the reason.

Milano Outdoor Sofa Set 

Wanting A Refresh?

If you’re looking for a complete garden furniture makeover, we’d highly recommend our Moderno set. The Moderno Outdoor Corner Sofa Set particularly is a beautiful piece, a combination of slate greys and rustic wood. Designed with elegance in mind, this contemporary garden sofa set features weatherproof sunbrella fabric & luxurious teak wood to create an artistic yet durable composition.

 Moderno Sofa Set

Grab A Seat

If you’re just looking for an extra chair to slot in with your pre-existing set, we have single seat options for all our collections for situations such as these. In fact with this being a colder spring than usual it might be that a fire pit is the perfect addition to your set to bring some warmth before summer arrives.

Outdoor Fire Pit