How to create a luxury garden space

How to create a luxury garden space

Transform your outdoor space into a luxury garden. From defining distinct zones to selecting luxury garden furniture, explore our guide today!
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Gardens can often be an overlooked area in our homes. We get so consumed in having the most picture-perfect, showroom-esque home that we often forget about our outdoor spaces that hold so much potential.

However, with summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in and make the most of your outdoor spaces. Your garden should be an area of relaxation and entertainment; your holiday space right at home. And when you invest so much time and energy making the interior of your home picture-perfect and luxurious, it’s time that you do the same for your garden. 

Keep reading as we provide you with our top tips to create a luxury garden space this summer, including high-quality materials and luxury garden furniture. 

Understanding luxury in garden design

What does luxury mean when it comes to garden design? Luxury can look different to everyone, depending on your stylistic choice and budget. However, the basic elements that contribute to a luxurious garden include investing intentionally in materials, design and decor that seamlessly work together. The simplest of gardens can look luxurious, without expansive spending, if done intentionally. 

Planning your luxury garden space

Planning your luxury garden starts with assessing your space and determining what resources are available to you. From here, you can then establish what your budget is and prioritise what design elements you want to invest in. 

The best way to plan a luxury garden space is to split your garden into distinct zones, such as an area for dining, an area for lounging and relaxing, and an area dedicated to natural elements. Not only will this make your garden design look more luxurious and intentional, but it will create a balance and symmetry within the space. These zones should be bordered with precision, such as by having distinct flooring for different areas like decking for your relaxation area and grass for your natural area. 

What to include in your luxury garden space

Once you have your distinct zones, the next step to creating a luxury garden space is to include features to make it feel truly luxurious. 

1. Invest in luxury garden furniture 

Investing in luxury outdoor furniture, made from premium materials, is going to provide your garden with the luxurious feel you’re looking for. 

You want to invest in statement pieces that work well in your distinct zones, such as an outdoor dining set for eating al fresco with friends over the summer, and daybeds and sun loungers to soak up the rays on your days off. Brown rattan outdoor furniture is a creative way to bring the appearance of natural materials into your luxury garden space, whilst also remaining durable, easy-to-clean and weather-resistant. 

2. Introduce luxury garden features

Luxury gardens are an investment, and so you want to strategically place luxurious features across your designated zones. This could include a fire pit for having guests round on cooler summer nights, or a hot tub for optimal relaxation. Many luxury garden spaces also include water features, such as fountains, waterfalls or ponds, for the calming effect they can bring to the space. For large luxury gardens, luxury sheds or summer houses are the perfect addition to create an indoor cosy nook or dedicated work from home space. 

3. Install lighting for ambiance

Lighting in a luxury garden space could include fixtures above your outdoor dining area, and solar lights along pathways. Whether you’re chatting away into the early hours with your partner on your outdoor sofa, or tidying up after a long day having fun in the sun, lighting in your garden creates a soothing atmosphere and extends the functionality of your luxury space. Lighting, when strategically placed, can also highlight key features of your luxury garden, such as a bespoke water feature or summer house. 

4. Add personal touches

When decorating your luxury garden, you want it to feel personal to you and your family. This could include accessorising your casual dining area with an outdoor drink trolley, or styling your sofa set with scatter cushions and other soft furnishings. 

Many luxury gardens are simplistic yet stylish and feature bespoke artwork and sculptures. However, where they may not work, strategically placing garden mirrors can add a unique feature to exterior structures and visually extend the space.  

5. Select high-quality materials 

Installing decking, stones and flagstone patios can look the most luxurious in a garden space, highlighting distinct zones and breaking up the monotony of greenery often found in gardens. However, cutting costs and purchasing lower-quality materials can make them look cheap in the long run, as they will not last or look as luxurious once faced with the elements. The higher-quality materials your purchase now can keep your garden space looking luxurious for years to come - not just for the summer. 

6. Curate luxurious greenery

When pruned and maintained, greenery in a garden space can create a lush and bespoke landscape. The easiest way to do this is by choosing visually striking plants to place in your luxury garden, such as shaped hedges and bushes, and exotic species like palm trees, cacti and succulents. Not only will these give your guests something to look at and talk about, but they can provide the relaxing atmosphere nature brings to a garden space - even if you’ve opted to remove wider green spaces. 

7. Create privacy and shade 

Luxury garden spaces often have an exclusive feel about them, and this is often achieved by creating privacy around the space. No one wants to feel as though the neighbours are watching when they’re sunbathing or soaking in the hot tub, so intentionally planting high hedges or installing fencing can combat this. 

Shade is also needed in the hot summer months, and in luxury gardens you’ll often find structured gazebos or parasols covering distinct zones, such as your dining or sofa area. We would recommend avoiding planting trees or tall hedgerows around dining or relaxation spaces, as though they do provide a natural shade, you may find an increase in fallen leaves or natural wildlife interrupting. 

Maintaining and caring for your luxury garden space

Even with all the recommended features in place, nature will take its course. Regularly maintaining and caring for your luxury garden space will help preserve its beauty and luxe. These maintenance tasks will include pruning your plants, cleaning your garden furniture and generally keeping it clean and tidy. Winter covers for your luxury garden furniture will also help protect them against the elements, and prevent you needing to clean them as often.

For the most perfect luxury garden space, explore Alexander Francis’ luxury garden furniture collections today. Get in touch with our experts for advice on finding the ideal pieces for your luxury garden design.