Why Bio-Ethanol Fire Pits are Better than Gas

Why Bio-Ethanol Fire Pits are Better than Gas

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Are you thinking about choosing a luxury bio-ethanol fire pit for your garden this summer? It’s a great idea, especially with so many people staying at home this year and making the most of social gatherings in the outdoor areas. But what type of fire pit should you go for? You’ve probably heard that gas fire pits are best, but bio-ethanol fire pits can outperform more traditionally fuelled fire pits in a number of key ways.

Teak Large Rectangular Fire Pit Table

Bio Ethanol Fire Pits are Easy to Install 

When you think of a fire pit, you typically think of a gas-powered one or a wood burning fire bowl; are the most common, but they are also more difficult to install and more labour intensive. A gas fire pit requires a hard gas line connected to the mains. You will need to hire a licenced professional to carry out this work.

Bio-ethanol fire pits, on the other hand, are very easy and straightforward to install. The ethanol does not comes from the mains; instead, it is installed in the fire pit; this means there is no need for a hard line to the mains of a licenced professional. It saves you time, convenience, and money to opt for an ethanol firepit.

Outdoor Bio-ethanol firepits are also available in a range of sizes and models to fit any home. Bio-ethanol firepits and very clean burning and convenient; they give you the presence of real fire in your home, without the mess and fumes that go with a log burner. 

Bio-ethanol fire bowls are probably the most versatile outdoor or indoor warmers you can choose. They can be installed outside but are easy to move indoors if you'd like to warm a room or create an atmosphere for a party.

They burn so cleanly they can even be used indoors. 

Bio-Ethanol Pits are Cheaper

Gas fire pits might be the ones recommended to you by friends or the ones you see advertised in shops, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best buy overall. In fact, ethanol fire pits work out significantly cheaper to buy and to maintain. 

A gas fire pits have to be professionally installed by a certified tradesperson – this is a legal stipulation as well as a warranty issue. Having your gas fire pit installed is also a lengthy and costly process that you can avoid by investing in an ethanol fire pit instead. 

An ethanol fire pit doesn’t require this full installation; they can be unpacked and used right away. You only need to install the ethanol, which can also be bought online and delivered to your door. Ethanol is cheap and long-lasting, like the fire pit itself. 

Here are the cheapest liquid fuel fire pits you can buy from Alexander Francis

Flexible, Portable and Mobile 

Most gas fire pits are located outside, perhaps on the patio or the garden area, to entertain guests. Maybe you were one of those guests when you first saw the gas fire pit and thought how nice it would be to have one of your own. In truth, bio-ethanol fire pits are offer more versatility and freedom. 

Unlike a gas fire pit, an ethanol fire pit can be placed anywhere outside. Explain to your friends how you opted for the ethanol firepit because it’s cheaper, cleaner, and lighter. Even the larger ethanol fire pits would be considered portable. There are typically made of stainless steel and glass. This can be lifted by one person or two depending on the size; still, even the weightier ones aren’t hardwired and are extremely mobile. 

Many of the fire pits in our bio-ethanol range double as an outdoor dining table with the option to provide warmth as you eat

Bio-Ethanol Burns More Cleanly

Burning any natural gas or fossil fuel is bad for the atmosphere of the planet as it contributes to the greenhouse effect and warms the planet. However, some gases are better than others, and ethanol is one of those gases - it is sometimes added to car fuel to reduce its toxicity. 

The natural gas used in gas fire pits is a fossil fuel straight from the ground. Additionally, methane also escapes into the atmosphere in the extraction of gas as well – and methane is a much more potent harmful greenhouse gas.

On the other hand, bio ethanol can be made in an environmentally-friendly way from renewable and organic sources. It can be created using by-products from crops, corn, sugar cane, and grapes. Unlike natural gas, can be safely burned without as much harm to the environment. Choose bio ethanol fuel and you'll get a clean burning, environmentally sustainable fire pit.


Gas fire pits can be lovely to sit around in the summer, but for most of the rest of the year, they could be sitting unused; that’s because gas firepits only come in certain models suitable to this purpose. It’s also because they are hardwired into the mains and cannot be moved. 

Bio ethanol burners are different. They are designed to be versatile. When you browse for an ethanol fire pit, you will find ones that suit all kinds of living spaces, both indoors and outdoors. So as well as being cheaper to buy and better for the environment, you will also get more use out of them than a gas version. 

This versatility means that some very uniquely designed liquid fuel fire pits are available. 

Types of Bio-Ethanol Fire Pits

Choose a fire pit in your favourite style and shape; you can pick from;

- stone effect fire bowls

- round stone effect fire bowls

- rectangular teak wood effect fire tables

- square fire pit tables

- Monolithic slab fire pit tables

- Stacked steel stick bundle effect fire pit


Why Bio-Ethanol is Best for Most Gardens

Gas fire pits are the norm, they are what people naturally think of when they consider a fire pit for their outdoor area, but with a little more consideration, it’s possible to find out some key facts and features that might change your mind. 

The reality is that gas fireplaces are expensive to buy and expensive to install. They must be installed by a professional tradesperson, and have the gas hardwire needs to be connected to your mains. This all costs money. Natural gas is also harmful to the environment, but ethanol isn’t. 

The alternative is an ethanol firepit which is cheaper to buy and doesn’t require installation. It is also more versatile and isn’t harmful to the environment. 


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