7 Tips for Buying Rattan Garden Furniture

7 Tips for Buying Rattan Garden Furniture

When it comes to creating a stylish and comfortable outdoor space, rattan garden furniture is an excellent choice. Rattan is a versatile and durable material that adds a touch of elegance to any garden or patio. However, with numerous options available on the market, it's essential to have a comprehensive understanding of what to look for when buying rattan garden furniture. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know to make an informed purchase and create a stunning outdoor oasis.


Tosca Rattan Corner Sofa Set


1. Understand the Different Types of Rattan

Rattan furniture is commonly made from either natural rattan or synthetic rattan. Natural rattan is derived from palm plants and boasts an authentic and organic look. It requires regular maintenance to protect it from harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, synthetic rattan, often made from polyethylene, is highly durable and weather-resistant, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

2. Consider Your Space and Needs

Before purchasing rattan garden furniture, assess your outdoor space and consider how you plan to use it. Determine the size, layout, and specific requirements you have in mind. Are you looking for a dining set, loungers, or a combination of different pieces? By understanding your needs, you can make a more suitable choice that complements your lifestyle and enhances your outdoor experience.

3. Quality and Durability

Investing in high-quality rattan furniture ensures longevity and value for your money. Examine the frame, weaving, and finishing of the furniture to assess its durability. The frame should be sturdy and ideally made from aluminium for long term stability and strength. Additionally, check for tightly woven rattan strands, as this indicates superior craftsmanship and a longer lifespan.

Milano Rattan Sofa Set | Alexander Francis

4. Comfort and Cushions

Comfort is paramount when selecting rattan garden furniture. Look for pieces that offer ample seating space and ergonomic design. The addition of cushions can significantly enhance comfort, so choose cushions that are weather-resistant and easy to clean. Consider opting for furniture with removable cushion covers for convenience and versatility.

5. Weather Resistance and Maintenance

Outdoor furniture should withstand various weather conditions. Synthetic rattan is generally more weather-resistant than natural rattan, but both can be protected with regular maintenance. Look for rattan furniture with UV-resistant properties to prevent fading and discoloration. Additionally, consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance required for your chosen furniture.

6. Style and Aesthetics

Rattan garden furniture comes in a wide range of styles, from contemporary to traditional. Consider the existing aesthetics of your outdoor space and choose furniture that complements the overall design. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more rustic charm, there are rattan furniture options to suit every taste.

7. Budget and Value

Set a realistic budget for your rattan furniture purchase, keeping in mind that high-quality pieces tend to offer better value in the long run. While it's essential to consider your budget, try to strike a balance between affordability and quality to ensure you're investing in furniture that will stand the test of time.

Our Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture Collections

Here at Alexander Francis, we have a trio of Rattan sets that fit a range of different vibes and aesthetics. 

  • The Verona collection exudes a contemporary charm with its sleek lines and minimalist design, perfect for those seeking a modern outdoor aesthetic.
  • The Milano collection captivates with its timeless elegance, featuring intricate weaving patterns and refined details that add a touch of luxury to any outdoor space.
  • For those who appreciate a classic and romantic ambiance, the Tosca collection delivers with its graceful curves and ornate motifs.

Whether you prefer the sleek Verona, the timeless Milano, or the enchanting Tosca, Alexander Francis ensures that each collection embodies superior craftsmanship and durability, making them the ideal choice for creating a stunning outdoor sanctuary.

Milano Outdoor Rattan Garden Sofa Set